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With technology becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, people use apps and online services to help them with almost everything. One service that is becoming increasingly popular is exercise-related mobile applications. Many different existing apps allow you to monitor your fitness, track your progress and goals, and even guide you through your workout plan. For runners specifically, there is a wide selection of apps to choose from for both apple and android users. Let’s take a look at some of the top running apps for 2021, as featured in Very Well Fit.


Runkeeper is favored by many because of its user-friendly accessibility, accuracy, and a wide variety of features. The app has many different selections for runners who are beginners to runners who are well-seasoned. There is a GPS feature to monitor your distance, and you can also track your pace and overall time. Runkeeper helps keep your running routine exciting by offering a mix-up of routines. You can set specific goals and stay updated on your progress. Runkeeper can even pair with devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch.


This popular app is known for its ability to find routes and track progress. You can use this app in multiple cities, and it will find many different routes and provide various measurements for them all. The app gives feedback to monitor your stats and see what you would like to improve or change. One of the coolest features is the shoe monitor that lets you log your shoes into the program and notifies you when it is time for you to get a new pair. There is also a social networking aspect to the app that lets you connect with other runners who use the program and even provides fun challenges. This app works on iOS and Android while also being compatible with many different devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and more.

Daily Burn

If you are a runner who values coaching and guidance, Daily Burn is the app for you. The app provides incredibly motivational coaching for all different aspects of running. You can choose audible coaching for distance, outdoor, tempo, beginner, interval, fun runs, and treadmill. The program will suggest achievable goals for you and modifies what type of coaching it offers based on learning your style. You can use this app on many different platforms, including streaming from televisions.