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The challenge of competing in an ironman isn’t something that everyone will be up to. Many people consider competing in an ironman, but they wind up backing out due to not having enough confidence. If your heart is set on competing, then it’s going to be crucial to train your heart out. Training is going to take 13 weeks and you’re going to need to give it your all. 

Weekend Workouts Are Crucial

Weekend workouts are going to be crucial when you’re training for your first ironman. Most people have to focus on weekend workouts because they need to work during the week. If you are retired or if you’re independently wealthy, then that’s a different story. However, an average individual is going to have to save a lot of the training for the weekends. 

These weekend training sessions will be very long and you’ll want to ramp up the training as it gets closer to the date for the ironman competition. Most of your weekend training sessions will involve several hours of cycling. Some of them will include multiple hours of swimming instead. You need to try to get as many training hours in as you can so using your time wisely is imperative. 

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is important when you’re trying to get good results in your first ironman competition. When you’re working out for more than an hour, it’s going to be necessary to drink one bottle of water each hour. Also, you should be consuming somewhere around 200 calories each hour to give yourself the necessary energy to keep pushing forward. Failure to do this will lead to your body shutting down and this is not going to help your chances. 

Your body is going to become an efficient fat-burning machine because of your training. This will give you the ability to compete in a grueling race such as the ironman. It isn’t going to be easy even if you train perfectly and it takes a substantial amount of willpower. If you are ready to give it your all, then you should move forward with confidence and commit to putting in the training hours.