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So, you want to compete in an ultra marathon and you’re wondering just how you should go about training. This certainly isn’t going to be an easy task and you’re going to need to take your training very seriously so that you can get good results. Read on to see how you should be training for your first ultra marathon. This information should put you in a position where you can get good results. 

Lose Weight

Losing weight will make your life easier when you’re running an ultra marathon. Getting rid of extra weight will make running a marathon much easier and you will feel better during training as well. Try to lose as much weight as you can within reason. Lose weight naturally by eating well and exercising. 

Focus on Nutrition

Nutrition is a big aspect of training for an ultra marathon, too. Eat a healthy diet that will allow you to get enough energy. Find healthy protein sources and be sure to drink a lot of water. 

Go on Regular Long Runs

Of course, you need to go on regular long runs to improve your stamina. You should be doing at least one run where you use your 10K tempo each week. It’s also beneficial to go on several three-hour runs each week to work on getting your endurance where you want it to be. If you do this properly, then you should be able to make significant improvements before your ultra marathon is set to begin. 

Practice on the Terrain You’ll Be Competing on

Practicing on the terrain that you’ll be competing on is smart. You want to get a feel for exactly how tough your ultra marathon is going to be. Training on concrete isn’t going to be as effective as training on dirt if you’re running on dirt for the marathon. 

Take Recovery Days

Sometimes you might need recovery days if you have pushed yourself a bit too far. Remember that rest is a part of training and that sometimes your body will really need a break. Some people like to take up to three days off each week to ensure that they’re getting enough recovery time. Try to train at a pace that is sustainable for you.